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Compliance Corner #23

August 1, 2020

TOP 3 Compliance Issues (and How To Avoid Them!!!)


When saving documents to the Supplement section of Matrix, make sure you choose the correct Supplement Type. Our Data Checker program automatically checks for the Supplement Type on Listing Agreements and Coming Soon Addendums and if you choose the wrong Supplement Type OR lump the documents together as one, you will be flagged and possibly fined.


Whether you are utilizing the Delayed Entry Form or #18 on the Smart MLS Listing Agreement, the GO ACTIVE DATE you and your Seller(s) have decided on is the date to be used as the LIST DATE when entering the property into Matrix. This will start the Market Time clock excluding the days between the List Date on the Listing Agreement and the Delayed Entry Date/Go Active Date therefore minimizing Days on market.


Using the correct PIN when entering your listing is important for several reasons. First, it auto fills important information into your listing upon input and secondly attaches the Public Record to your listing for quick and easy reference by you and other agents.

The SmartMLS Matrix system does not use the same Parcel ID that you find on a field card.  Matrix uses unique parcel ID numbers because our database covers the entire state of Connecticut (whereas the individual town databases cover only that town, leading to the very real possibility that two separate towns use the same Parcel ID for different properties).

You can find the Parcel ID numbers in our system by using the Tax tab and entering the County, Town and Address fields:

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