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Compliance Corner #14

January 6, 2020

Major Corrections

Have you ever been working in Matrix late at night and entered your new listing with too many (or too few) 0s in the price? Or changed the wrong listing to Show? Don’t panic, it actually happens a lot more than you would think.  Luckily, the Major Corrections staff at SmartMLS can fix these types of mistakes without it affecting the status or listing history.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, stop, take a breath and reach out to SmartMLS. 

The Major Corrections staff has the ability to make changes behind the scenes to fix these types of errors, and no one will ever know.  The most important thing for you to remember is to not try to fix the problem on your own.  The less you mess with the listing once you realize your mistake, the easier it is for us to adjust the data and clean up the history. In extreme cases, Major Corrections can delete the listing in question completely, as though it never existed.

Things that can be fixed by Major Corrections: 

  • Price changes gone awry.
  • List Date and Expiration Date typos.
  • Incorrect status changes. 

Listings that are Withdrawn or Cancelled (because an agent panics after making a mistake) and subsequently relisted need to be deleted entirely from the system - only Major Corrections can do this.

It is very important to have your listing showing accurate information on the MLS, not only for you and your seller but for the entire SmartMLS community.  Beyond that, though, leaving a listing in Matrix with wrong data can cause Compliance issues as well. For example: if you make a mistake, mark the listing as Withdrawn or Cancelled and then re-enter the listing as New, you could incur Compliance fees for duplicate listings, failure to upload documentation, lack of photos, etc.  You would not want that, and neither do we! 

We are always here to help.  Call us!!!

NOW AVAILABLE:  Compliance Corner Archive!  

Have you ever wanted to revisit a past Compliance Corner article that is no longer available in Matrix?  Now you can.  Simply click this link Compliance-Corner-Archive or enter compliance corner in the SMARTDESK search bar and you will be able to view all past articles.

As always, please feel free to contact the Compliance Team for additional information.

Compliance questions?

Send an email to or call us at 203-750-6000.

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