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Compliance Corner #7

November 11, 2019


In an effort to insure the data displayed in Matrix conforms to our Rules and Regulations, Connecticut Licensing Law and Fair Housing guidelines, our Data Checker program flags any word that appears on a list of possible non-compliant words. This list consists of hundreds of words. Our Compliance Team manually reads through all flagged words to determine the context in which the flagged word(s) are used to ascertain whether it is compliant or not.  As you can imagine, this can be VERY time consuming.  There are several recurring words/phrases that are used by agents that are never allowed and always must be removed.  To avoid receiving a Data Checker request to remove one or more of these words, it would be helpful to both agents and MLS Staff if you can familiarize yourselves with and refrain from using, the following:

  • VACANT - The word vacant can only be used in the SHOWINGTIME INSTRUCTIONS FIELD. This is a security issue. You can use VACANT when referring to LAND.
  • COMBO - For security reasons, you can NEVER display the combination to a combo lockbox anywhere on the listing. The word "combo" is OK, displaying the actual code/combination is NOT.
  • CONTACT INFO - no contact info can be displayed in the Public Remarks or the Addendum, as these fields are displayed to the public.
  • AUCTION INFO – no auction info can be displayed in the Public Remarks or Addendum.
  • NO BROKER SENSITIVE INFO is allowed in the Public Remarks or Addendum.  Only info relevant to, describing or marketing the property is allowed.
  • NO BRANDED VIRTUAL TOURS or WEBSITE URLS are allowed in the Public Remarks or Addendum fields.
  • And the #1 most time consuming word is:  CALL

Hundreds of listings each day are flagged for containing the word CALL in one or more of the Public fields (Addendum or Public Remarks). Please try not to say CALL ME to SHOW, CALL LISTING AGENT/BROKER For…, CALL (Agent name) for a Private Showing, Call Today, what a great place to CALL home, etc.


Compliance questions?

Send an email to or call us at 203-750-6000.

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