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Compliance Corner #6

November 4, 2019


Unique Parcel IDs in Matrix

The SmartMLS Matrix system does not use the same Parcel ID that you find on a field card.  Matrix uses unique parcel ID numbers because our database covers the entire state of Connecticut (whereas the individual town databases cover only that town, leading to the very real possibility that two separate towns use the same Parcel ID for different properties). 

You can find the Parcel ID numbers in our system by using the Tax tab and entering the County, Town and Address fields: 

Problems finding the Parcel ID

A lot of times, it is easier if you do not enter too much information when searching for the Parcel ID.

Typically entering just the Street Number, Street Name and City is sufficient.

If you still cannot find the Parcel ID, it is very possible that we do not have a tax record for that property, at which point you can enter 999999999 (nine 9s) as the Parcel ID.

Compliance questions?

Send an email to or call us at 203-750-6000.

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