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Compliance Corner #26

October 1, 2020


Proposed Closing Date (PCD)

The Proposed Closing Date (PCD) is required on every Show and Deposit listing.  It is your estimate of when you think the listing will close.  It is not a date that SmartMLS will hold you to, nor do you have to wait until the PCD has arrived to actually mark the listing Closed.  In most instances, the PCD will (and should) be further into the future than the actual Closed Date.  The PCD must always be a date in the future. You can enter a PCD of up to one year in the future.


Red PCD warning in My Listings widget
If you get a red warning in your My Listings widget (on the Matrix homepage) that reads My Deposit Listings with PCDs (within 7 days), it just means that the Proposed Closing Date (PCD) you entered when you marked the listing Deposit is within 7 days of the current date.  This can also apply to Show listings, since PCD is required when marking a listing Show.

Note: there are two different notifications that could should up in the My Listings widget with regard to the PCD.  Using the image above, the orange line will appear for those listings where the PCD is within the next 7 days.  The pink line will appear for those listings where the PCD has already passed.  In both instances, you must go in and push the PCD out into the future.


Extending the PCD
When you mark a listing Show or Deposit, Matrix asks you to enter an estimate of when the listing might close (the PCD).  This date can be adjusted if the closing process is moving slower than you originally expected.

Just to go to Add/Edit, select the listing and click the Extend Proposed Closing (PCD) Date form:

Enter the new PCD in the New Proposed Closing Date field.
Make sure to click Submit Listing when you are finished.


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