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Compliance Corner #52

March 15, 2022

You already know that you are required to upload the Listing Agreement OR Listing Agreement Compliance Certification to your new listing within 24 hours of entry as well as any Delayed Entry Addendums or Coming Soon Addendums, when necessary to stay complaint HOWEVER do you utilize the Supplement section for marketing and informational reasons too?

Let the Supplements work for you!  By providing your fellow agents with information via the Supplement folder, you can increase the dissemination of valuable data and reduce unnecessary phone calls!

Below is a list of some of the document types for other Supplements you may wish to upload and make available to other agents and even share with their clients electronically.  It is important that you choose the correct supplement type when saving to make it easy for others to find the document they are looking for.  REMEMBER: PRIVATE Supplements can only be viewed by YOU and others in your office hierarchy (Admin, Office Manager and Broker).  Other agents cannot see your PRIVATE supplements!


In addition to the Suggested Supplement Types above, please note the OTHER choice.  You can use this for anything NOT on the existing list such as field cards from the Town Hall, Architectural renderings, engineering reports, Inclusions and Exclusions, etc.

Below you will find links to Adding a Supplement, Deleting, Printing and even viewing them through the Portal.  Take a look and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have!

You can upload Supplements to your listing by following these step by step instructions: OR

watch this quick video on the uploading process:

You can DELETE a Supplement:

You can PRINT all of the Public Supplements when printing the listing by following these instructions:

Your clients can view Supplements through the Matrix Portal:

The Compliance Team values your opinions, comments and suggestions!!!

Never hesitate to contact us at or 203-750-6000!

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