Top Compliance Tips (aka: How to avoid a Compliance email)


Here are the top 9 tips for avoiding a Compliance violation email:

  1. All Active listings must be available to show within 48 hours of entering the listing.
  2. Paperwork will be required for New listings where the status has been changed to Canceled, Show, Deposit or Closed within a short period of time.
  3. All listings except for Land, Business for Sale and New/Under Construction must have at least one exterior photo.
  4. If a listing is canceled and the same property is re-entered as Active, you will be required to send the MLS a copy of the listing cancellation form and the new listing agreement.
  5. A listing status change must be entered into the MLS within 24 hours of obtaining the signed listing documentation.
  6. When entering your listing into the MLS, it is important to use the unique Parcel ID (Property Identification Number) found within the SmartMLS Tax system. Please do not use numbers from town field cards, Vision Appraisals, etc.
  7. Any agent contact information, lender names or marketing information is not allowed in any public displaying fields, such as the Remarks field.
  8. Virtual Tours containing any branding, contact information, lender names or marketing information are not allowed within the MLS system. A virtual tour entered with this type of branding will be removed from the MLS by Staff.
  9. Photos which display a "For Sale" sign are not allowed in the MLS.

General Information

  • Be sure to include the MLS# in any communication to the MLS about a listing data concern.
  • Do not ignore a listing violation notice.
  • You can avoid a listing fine by either correcting the listing concern or replying to the violation notice email by the due date.
  • Once a fine is issued, no exceptions will be made.
  • Every edit to your listing causes our Data Checker program to automatically review every field and flag any possible inaccuracies. You will receive a notification email if an explanation or correction is required.
  • Use the Listing Data Checker widget found on the Matrix home page to track any listing violations that you may have received.
  • Avoid missing Compliance notices: add your office administrator to the Compliance notification alerts. Just send us an email to including your administrator's name, MLS user ID and email address.
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